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Walter Frazer
Walter Frazer looks at Zoller.jpg
Vital statistics
Name Walter Frazer
Gender Male
Allegiance Nazi Germany, SS
Title/Rank Scharführer
Nationality German
Fate Unknown, possibly survived WWII
Portrayed by Sönke Möhring
“Oh mein Gott! Sind sie es?”
Walter Frazer

Walter Frazer was a German Scharführer, stationed in France during WWII.


Walter Frazer was born in Germany. He joined the army during the Third Reich and was assigned in France. He managed to rise to the rank of Scharführer. In France he met Babette.


Chapter One - Once upon a time... in Nazi-occupied France[]

Frazer was seen in a bistro in Paris. He was amazed to see Frederick Zoller and at first asked him if he really was him. After Zoller confirmed, Frazer and his French girlfriend, Babette, entered the room where Zoller and Shosanna were and asked for an autograph for him and his 'girlfriend'. They both leave and show their autographs to Wolfgang.


  • Just like Captain Wolfgang, his lines were not translated on screen.

Behind the scenes[]

He was played by Sönke Möhring, who also played Private Butz.