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“We're American. What are you?”
Aldo Raine

The United States of America (also known as the United States) is a country. It is the 3rd largest in the world and is one of the richer countries around. In WW2, the US and the allies were against Nazi Germany, although the US only entered the war in the later years.

In Inglourious Basterds[]

Although there are no scenes taking place in USA, many American characters, like The Basterds and the unnamed OSS Commander who negotiates with Hans Landa appear in the film, visually or via telephone.

Lieutenant Aldo Raine is from Maynardville, Tennessee.

Fake American soldiers appear in the Stolz der Nation Nazi film, invading a small town in Sicily.


  • Scenes featuring Mrs. Himmelstein drinking tea with Donny Donowitz (and signing his trademark baseball bat afterward) taking place in Boston were filmed, but Tarantino removed them from the final film. The scenes were present in the version played at Cannes Film Festival.
  • Lt. Aldo Raine says he is from the Smoky Mountains, and later from Maynardville, Tennessee. Maynardville is not actually in the Smoky Mountains, but in one of the East Tennessee valleys between the mountains (some distance north of the Smoky Mountains).

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