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German Reich
Flag of German Third Reich.png
Flag of Nazi Germany.



Head of State

Paul von Hindenburg (President; 1933-1934)
Adolf Hitler (Führer; 1934-1945)
Karl Dönitz (President; 1945)


Adolf Hitler (1933-1945)
Joseph Goebbels (1945)

Nazi Germany, or the Third Reich, was the name given to Germany when it was under Adolf Hitler's fascist dictatorship. It's capital was Berlin.

In Inglourious Basterds[]

Nazi Germany is the main antagonist in the film. The Basterds also visit the country when they free Hugo Stiglitz from a jail where he was locked. Hitler is seen in his lair, ranting about them and later he's seen in a private room, talking to Goebbels. The top leadership of the Third Reich is killed during Operation Kino, which results in the surrender of Germany and the end of WWII in Europe in 1944.


  • The top brass of the Third Reich differs from the real life one. The leaders of the SS and Kriegsmarine, Heinrich Himmler and Karl Dönitz are not mentioned at all in the film and Martin Bormann appears to have a more important role in the film.
  • Although the script referred to all Germans in uniform as Nazis, only a small percentage of those in the Heer (Army), Kreigsmarine (Navy), and Luftwaffe (Air Force) were members. However, only Nazis were allowed to become Gestapo and Waffen S.S. members.
  • The war map behind Hitler during his rant scene also shows that the Third Reich has occupied more territory in Europe.
  • Even though Jews are openly despised and killed by the Nazis in the film, there are no references to the death camps or any other methods of exterminating their kind.