Suzanne LaPadite
Hans Landa with Suzanne and Charlotte
Vital statistics
Name Suzanne LaPadite
Gender Female
Allegiance The Dreyfus Family (former)
Title/Rank Farmer
Nationality French
Fate Survived WWII
Portrayed by Lena Friedrich
“Très bien [Very well].”
Suzanne LaPadite

Suzanne LaPadite was the daughter of Perrier LaPadite and the sister of Julie and Charlotte.


Suzanne was born in France, her father being Perrier LaPadite.


Chapter One - Once upon a time... in Nazi-occupied FranceEdit

Suzanne is seen exiting her father's house with her sister Charlotte, when they hear the sound of German motorcycles approaching. LaPadite tells them to get inside the house. When her father and Hans Landa enter the house she is seen with her two sisters. LaPadite asks her to bring the colonel some wine, but the German declines and instead asks for some milk. After she pours him some milk, her father asks Julie to take her and Charlotte and go outside. She isn't seen afterwards.


Not much is known about Suzanne. She didn't seem nervous when she poured Landa some milk, even though the threat of the colonel discovering the Dreyfuses would frighten anyone.


  • She only speaks two lines in the film.

Behind the ScenesEdit

She was played by Lena Friedrich.