Simon Sakowitz
Simon Sakowitz small image
Vital statistics
Name Simon Sakowitz
Gender Male
Allegiance United States of America
The Basterds
Title/Rank Private First Class
Nationality American
Fate Unknown, possibly dead
Portrayed by Carlos Fidel
“Yes, Sir!”
―PFC Simon Sakowitz

PFC Simon Sakowitz is a Jewish American soldier and one of The Basterds.


Simon Sakowitz was born in the United States. He joined the Basterds to kill Nazis.



Simon Sakowitz is seen in a yard in UK, being part of Aldo Raine's special unit, the Basterds. Aldo briefs him and the Basterds about their mission. Later, Sakowitz is seen in the woods, looting dead German soldiers. He later cheers when Donny beats Werner to death with his baseball bat.

He is not seen afterwards and his fate remains unknown.


Sakowitz hates the Nazis and doesn't mind killing them.

Behind the scenesEdit

He was played by Carlos Fidel.

Quentin Tarantino originally cast Nicholas Shumaker as Sakowitz, but his role went to assistant director Carlos Fidel, as Shumaker could not commit to the film, due to his own film being green-lit.


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