Quentin Tarantino at Inglourious Basterds premiere

Quentin Tarantino at the film premiere.

“One of the things that’s actually very interesting to me about that is that, one, nitrate stock can do that, so it’s just a neat, cool, practical aspect. But I like the idea that it’s the power of cinema that fights the Nazis. But not even as a metaphor – as a literal reality.”
―Quentin Tarantino summarizing the film[1]

Quentin Jerome Tarantino (/ˌtærənˈtiːnoʊ/; born 27 March 1963) is an American film director, screenwriter, producer, and actor. His films have been characterized by nonlinear storylines, satirical subject matter, and an aestheticization of violence that often results in the exhibition of neo-noir characteristics. Tarantino has been dubbed a "director DJ," comparing his stylistic use of mix-and-match genre and music infusion to the use of sampling in DJ exhibits, morphing a variety of old works to create a new one.

A dummy of Tarantino appeared in the second chapter from Inglourious Basterds as the first body being scalped by The Basterds.

In the fifth chapter, Tarantino's hands are the ones that strangle Diane Kruger's character in the close-up shots.

In the German propaganda film-within-a-film, "Nation's Pride", directed by Eli Roth, Tarantino voices an American soldier, who says, "I implore you, we must destroy that tower!".

Director TrademarksEdit

  • Long take - From Shosanna walking into the premiere to Landa approaching von Hammersmark.
  • Deliberate errors - As with all his films, there are blatant mistakes and errors inserted on purpose. One example of this can be found in the English subtitles of characters speaking in a foreign language. Occasionally, the foreign word is inserted into the subtitle. Example: When Col. Landa is speaking to the French farmer, he says "Oui" which is French for "Yes". Instead of the word "Yes" appearing in the subtitle, the word "Oui" appears despite the fact that the rest of the French dialog is translated to English.
  • Bare feet - Shoshanna is barefoot during the final scenes in the projection room.
  • Threesome - Tarantino typically has a trio of identical background characters moving together in unison. In this film, it is three German school girls in identical uniforms passing Col. Hans Landa as he goes down the staircase in the cinema.
  • Name - Eli Roth's character, Sgt. Donnie Donowitz, is part of the Tarantino-verse, sharing the last name of the film producer character, Lee Donowitz, in the Tarantino-written True Romance, where Lee Donowitz produced a war film "Comin' Home in a Body Bag". According to an interview Tarantino conducted with Ron Bennington, Donny is Lee's father.
  • Feet - Closeups of characters' feet are seen throughout the movie.
  • Mexican standoff - Twice during the scene in La Louisiane. Once between Archie Hicox, Dieter Hellstrom and Hugo Stiglitz and just minutes later between Aldo Raine and Sgt. Wilhelm. Raine and Wilhelm also discuss the requirements for a "Mexican standoff".
  • Trunk shot (Victim's viewpoint) - Tarantino's trademark shot of actors from a trunk or engine compartment is replaced by shots from the viewpoint of post swastika-scarred victims.
  • Copyright Under Title - As with almost all of Tarantino's directed and produced films, the Roman numerated copyright appears during the opening credits, directly under the title of the film. Displaying the copyright info in the opening credits is a homage to this being done with films produced in the 60s and 70s.[2]



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