Shosanna on the ladder and Marcel with film roles

A street in Paris.

“Paris, when it sizzles.”
―Lieutenant Archie Hicox

Paris is the capital city of France.

It is occupied by the Third Reich, along with the entire Atlantic coast of France after the Battle of France during WWII. The rest of the unoccupied country was called Vichy France, and was actually a puppet state of Germany.

In Inglourious BasterdsEdit

The film premiering of Stolz der Nation is located in the Le Gamaar Cinema from Paris, which subsequently is where Hitler and Goebbels are killed by the Basterds. Various places, like the bistro and the Chez Maurice restaurant are also set in Paris.


  • Although the entire Chapter Three takes place in Paris, the only location shot there is the bistro, which was filmed in the Bistrot La Renaissance. The scenes in the Chez Maurice restaurant were filmed in the Café Einstein in Berlin, while the and La Gamaar cinema interior and exterior, as well as the street it's located was built in the studio location.


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