OSS Commander
The OSS Commander

The OSS Commander

Vital statistics
Name "OSS Commander"
Gender Male
Allegiance United States
Title/Rank Commander
Nationality American
Fate Survived WWII
Portrayed by Harvey Keitel
“Over and out.”
OSS Commander

The OSS Commander was an unnamed American Office of Strategic Services (OSS) commanding officer that negotiated Hans Landa's surrender in exchange for allowing Operation Kino to continue, that would result in killing the German High Command and ending the war.



After Lt. Aldo Raine was captured by Col. Hans Landa in the cinema, Landa decided to make a deal with the OSS and in return, he'll let Operation Kino succeed. Raine called the OSS commander via a radio from the tavern where Landa took him and Utivich. After Landa enumerated his requests, the OSS officer asked to speak with Raine. Landa gave the phone to Raine. The OSS commander told Raine that Landa and his man will put them into a truck and drive to the Allied lines, where Landa will surrender to him and he'll drive them to him for briefing. The officer ends the message by saying "Over and out".


  • When Lt. Raine is speaking to the OSS commander over the radio, the general ends the transmission by saying, "Over and out". This is incorrect radio protocol in the U.S. military. The proper procedure is for the person ending the transmission to simply say, "Out".

Behind the scenesEdit

The OSS Commander was voiced by Harvey Keitel, who was uncredited.

Despite the similarity between the small role of Harvey Keitel in this film and his role in Pulp Fiction (1994), Eli Roth confirmed that his character is not "The Wolf" in this film. He jokingly added that Samuel L. Jackson does not narrate under the guise of Jules Winfield.[1]



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