Landa's truck in the pine wood

Landa arrives in Normandy.

“These are the American lines, Colonel sir.”

Normandy (French: Normandie [nɔʁ.mɑ̃.di]) is a geographical region, located in the north-west of France, west of Paris, near the English Channel.

In June 1944, the Allied soldiers began the land offensive against the Third Reich by landing their troops in Normandy.

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Chapter Four - OPERATION KINOEdit

Hitler mentions that the Americans have debarked in France, most likely he's talking about the D-Day, when he was talking to Goebbels about attending the film premiere of Stolz der Nation in Paris, which is very close to the front lines, in an effort to boost the troop morals.


When Hans Landa surrenders to Aldo, the German colonel and his radio operator leave for the American front to Normandy in a truck and stop in a pine forest inside the Allied lines. After crossing the Allied lines, Landa surrenders to Aldo. Here Aldo kills Landa's driver and scars a swastika on Landa's forehead with his knife.


  • While there are pine trees in several areas of Normandy, like Pays d'Auge, the forest of Evreux (Upper Normandy), no pine tree forests like those seen in the film exist in Normandy.
  • It's unclear how Landa's driver knew where the Allied lines were, since there were no Allied troops of any sorts in the pine forest.


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