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Nazi Germany

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La Louisiane

“First thing, you'll go to a little village called Nadine.”
Ed Fenech

Nadine is a small village, North-East of Paris.


Like most of France, the village was occupied by German troops. Lt. Archie Hicox and the two German speaking members of the Basterds, Stiglitz and Wicki were supposed to meet here with the German actress/spy Bridget von Hammersmark, in a tavern called La Louisiane.


Chapter Four - OPERATION KINO[]

Before entering the tavern, they hid in a ruined house, just across the road. However, in the same tavern, a group of German soldiers were celebrating the birth of Wilhelm's son, Maximilian, event that interfered with the Basterds plans.

After meeting with von Hammersmark, Wicki, Stiglitz and Hicox sat at a free table to discuss Operation Kino. As Bridget was trying to tell them the news, Wilhelm, drunk, came to their table asking Bridget for an autograph, which she kindly gave on a napkin. He left with the autograph, only to return almost immediately, asking her what was she doing in France. This caused Hicox and Stiglitz to rant at him, telling his mates to get him out of their table, otherwise he'll spend the night in a jail. Suddenly, Dieter Hellstrom, who was in the other room comes to inspect the situation. After Hicox manages to defuse the situation by inventing a story for his strange accent, Hellstrom sits at their table, and they play a card guess game. Hicox accidentally blows his cover, which results in a Mexican standoff, that ends with the death of everyone in the tavern except Wilhelm and Bridget. Aldo Raine arrives to see what happened and after he convinces Wilhelm to put down his gun, Bridget shoots him dead to protect her and the Basterds cover.

Bridget is taken to a vet, where the remaining Basterds interrogate her. Here, she reveals them that Hitler himself will appear to the Stolz der Nation premiere. A new plan is born.

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  • The French village of Nadine depicted in the film doesn't really exist. However, on the map shown to Lt. Hicox, its location largely corresponds to the real-life town of Nanteuil-le-Haudouin. Moreover, the word "Haudouin" is still visible on the map, suggesting that it was accidentally left there, while the first part of the town name has been removed and replaced by "Nadine".