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Landa drinks his milk.

“However, before I go, could I have another glass of your delicious milk?”
Hans Landa

Milk is a white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals, such as cows, used as food and drink by humans.

In Inglourious Basterds[]

French dairy farms, like those owned by the Rollins, Loveitts, LaPadite and Dreyfus families produced milk and other dairy products. When Perrier LaPadite offers Landa some wine, the German colonel refuses and instead asks some milk. He drinks the whole milk from the glass and thanks his family and his cows. Later, as he prepares to leave, he asks LaPadite for another glass of milk, though he only drinks half this time.

At the Chez Maurice restaurant in Paris, Landa orders a glass of milk for Shosanna along with the strudel, though the French girl doesn't touch or drink the milk.


  • Film reviewer and author Hunter Stephenson describes Landa's love of milk as being leftover from an age of innocence and a primal link.[1]
    • It also sets him apart from the other characters in the film, in that he prefers milk to alcoholic beverages, which is meant to show that he does not partake in vices and keeps his mind clear.



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