Wilhelm tells Bridget his son's name
Vital statistics
Name Maximilian
Gender Male
Allegiance Germany
Title/Rank None
Nationality German
Fate Survived WWII
Portrayed by Nobody, mentioned only
“Maximilian, wonderful name.”
Hugo Stiglitz

Maximilian was Wilhelm's newborn son.


Maximilian was born sometime in June 1944. His father is Wilhelm.


Chapter Four - OPERATION KINOEdit

Maximilian was born a few days prior to the premiere of Stolz der Nation in Paris, in Frankfurt, sometime in mid-early June 1944. Wilhelm's commanding officer gave him and four of his comrades the night off to celebrate his birth. After Wilhelm died in the La Louisiane tavern, he became orphan.


  • The standoff between Aldo and Wilhelm during the La Louisiane scene is similar to a scene in Quentin Tarantino's other movie Kill Bill: Vol. 2 in which Beatrix Kiddo just finds out she is pregnant and is attacked by a hit woman. The two have a standoff in which she makes a deal with the hit woman to let her go as she is pregnant. Sgt. Wilhelm makes a deal with Aldo to let him go as he had become a father that night. The difference in the two scenarios is that Beatrix honors the deal and the hitwoman escapes, while Aldo honors the deal but Bridget von Hammersmark shoots and kills Sgt. Wilhelm.