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Omar and Donny fire at Hitler and Goebbels.

“Hey, Willi, what's with the machine gun? I thought we had us a deal?”
Aldo Raine

The MP40 (MP designates Maschinenpistole) was a submachine gun developed in Nazi Germany and used extensively by Fallschirmjäger, tank crews, platoon and squad leaders and other troops during World War II. It is by far the most iconic weapon of the Third Reich.

In Inglourious Basterds[]

The weapon is seen being used by many German soldiers throughout the film. In the first chapter, Colonel Hans Landa orders his soldiers to kill the Dreyfuses using MP40s. German soldiers are seen wielding MP40s in the German jail, where Stiglitz was detained. Many of the Basterds use MP40s as well, including Sgt. Donny Donowitz, PFC Smithson Utivich, PFC Omar Ulmer, PFC Gerold Hirschberg and Oberfeldwebel Hugo Stiglitz. Wilhelm, another Oberfeldwebel, gets hold of an MP40 during the Nadine tavern gunfight, and kills Wicki, Mathilda and his last fellow soldier. After hearing the door opening he empties the clip in the staircase and grabs a second MP40 gun.

Hitler and Goebbels's opera box sentries also carry 2 MP40's, which are later taken by Donny and Omar, and used to kill Hitler and Goebbels. The two Basterds then fire on the Nazi crowd from the auditorium, with Donny emptying the last clip in Hitler's face, just before the cinema explodes.


  • The scenes where Donny and Omar fire their MP40s on the crowd in the auditorium, especially the slow-motion close-up on Donny, are similar to the memorable final scene of "Scarface" (1983).


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