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Vital statistics
Name Ludwig
Gender Male
Allegiance Third Reich
Title/Rank Gefreiter (Private)
Nationality German
Fate Died in the Woods
Portrayed by Wilfried Hochholdinger
Donny Donowitz points at Ludwig

Ludwig was a German soldier.


Ludwig was born in Germany. During WWII he joined the Wehrmacht, and was sent to France.



Ludwig, Butz and Rachtman were the sole survivors of an unit ambushed by The Basterds. He is first seen being escorted by Wicki, who pushes him away with his leg. Afterwards he is seen being guarded by Hirschberg, as Werner is sent to talk to Aldo. When Aldo points at Stiglitz, he and Butz look at the him. Ludwig watches in horror as Sgt. Donny Donowitz aka "The Bear Jew" beats the German sergeant to death with his baseball bat. When Donny points at Ludwig, he decides to run and hopefully getting shot rather than suffer the same fate as Werner. Which promptly happens. Hirschberg, who was guarding him, shoots him dead just as he stands up. This however displeases Aldo.


Not much it's known about him. When Donny points at him, he doesn't seem to take the possible threat of death very good, compared to Werner or Butz as his first reaction is to panic and run.


  • Ludwig wears a helmet up until Donny beats Werner to death. When Hirschberg taunts him and Butz, he is seen without it, and in the next shot his helmet is on the ground, meaning that Hirschberg most likely knocked it off his head.

Behind the scenes[]

He was played by Wilfried Hochholdinger.

In the credits, his character name is called German Company Sgt., even though his film character holds the rank of Gefreiten/Private.