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Hermann Göring

―Göring laughing with Jannings

Hermann Göring was the commander of the Luftwaffe in Nazi Germany. He was known to be one of the higher ranking Nazis and main target in Operation Kino.

Like most of the Nazi's high command, Göring attended the premiering of Stolz der Nation at La Gamaar Cinema. He presumably perished, either by The Basterds' massacre or by the ensuing fire that engulfed the entire building.

Real lifeEdit

World War IEdit

Herman Göring was a veteran pilot of World War I.

Morphine addictionEdit

Göring was injured in 1923 during the Beer Hall Putsch. He then suffered a lifetime addiction to the pain killer Morphine after his injuries.

Reichstag fireEdit

The fire in the Reichstag occurred on 27 February 1933. Göring was one of the first people to arrive at the scene. A communist was found guilty of creating the fire, resulting in Göring requesting an immediate crackdown on the communists by Nazis. The German Communist Party was suspended and 4,000 more communists were arrested.

World War IIEdit

Göring and other Nazis were concerned that Germany was to ready for the war, but Hitler insisted that they go ahead with the war. The invasion of Poland started in 1939. After defeating France, the Führer awarded Göring the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross for his successful leadership.

In the movieEdit

Not much is known of Göring from the movie. He only made a cameo appearance in the cinema, and is only identified as one of the Nazi's top command.


  • Like Bormann, his introduction in the film was pointed out by a drawn arrow.


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