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The white hell of Piz Palu Le Gamaar poster

The film poster on the cinema header.

Die weiße Hölle vom Piz Palü, (in English The White Hell of Pitz Palu) is a 1929 silent mountain film directed by Arnold Fanck and Georg Wilhelm Pabst and starring future filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl and WWI flying ace Ernst Udet.


A man climbs a 12,000-foot mountain to search for his wife, who was lost on their honeymoon. Another couple makes the dangerous climb with him.

In Inglourious Basterds[]

The film is seen being displayed on Shosanna's cinema, in the night when she met Frederick Zoller. In the tavern, Archie Hicox claims he was born in a village near Piz Palu, and that he and his brother both appeared in the said film. He claims that his bizare accent originates from that place.

In the card game played with Major Hellstrom, Von Hammersmark wears a card on her head that has "G.W. Pabst" written on it, the director of the film.


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