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Francesca, Goebbels, Zoller and Shosanna.

“Good, you came. I wasn't sure whether or not you'd accept my invitation.”
Frederick Zoller

The Chez Maurice or simply Maurice was a restaurant somewhere in Paris, France, where Shosanna Dreyfus met Joseph Goebbels and Francesca Mondino for the first time, and encountered Hans Landa again.


The Chez Maurice restaurant is a typical French restaurant from the WWII era. There are many rooms in the restaurant and many tables.



Frederick Zoller "invited" Shosanna to this restaurant. Here she met dr. Joseph Goebbels and Francesca Mondino. Goebbels tells her that he plans to change the premiere of Zoller's film to her cinema, at the young soldier's insistences. She also met Col. Hans Landa (again), who ordered two strudels, one for each and a glass of milk for Shosanna. Later he gives her a German cigarette. During their dinner, Landa asks Shosanna a few questions about herself and her cinema. Landa eventually leaves the table, leaving Shosanna alone.

Behind the scenes[]

The actual place has several different names. The original draft names the place both "Maxium" as well as "Maxims".[1] The actual name comes from the production info.[2]

The scenes at the restaurant were filmed inside the Café Einstein in Berlin.[3]

"Chez Maurice" is actually the name of a Canadian restaurant.