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Charlotte LaPadite
Charlotte LaPadite.jpg
Vital statistics
Name Charlotte LaPadite
Gender Female
Allegiance The Dreyfus Family (former)
Title/Rank Farmer
Nationality French
Fate Survived WWII
Portrayed by Léa Seydoux
“Mosieur LaPadite, each one of your daughters is more lovely than the last.”
Hans Landa

Charlotte LaPadite was the daughter of Perrier LaPadite and the sister of Julie and Suzanne.


Charlotte was born in France, her father being Perrier LaPadite. She has two more sisters, Suzanne and Julie.


Chapter One - Once upon a time... in Nazi-occupied France[]

Charlotte is seen exiting her father's house with her sister Suzanne, when they hear the sound of German motorcycles approaching. She and her sister get back in the house when LaPadite tells them to get inside. She doesn't say a word when Colonel Hans Landa enters the house and kisses her hand, instead she keeps glancing at her father and her other sisters while sometimes looking down. Landa also stares at her a few times, apparently noticing her unease. When Landa politely asks LaPadite for his daughters to step outside, the latter asks Charlotte to take the girls outside. She then exits the house with her sisters.


Not much is known about Charlotte. She was silent while Col. Landa was in the house and seemed more nervous than her sisters.


  • She is the only LaPadite character who doesn't have any spoken lines.
  • In the original script, Charlotte was the name of Perrier's wife.

Behind the Scenes[]

She was played by Léa Seydoux.

Despite playing father and daughter in this movie, Denis Ménochet is only nine years older than Léa Seydoux.