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Butz in woods.jpg
Vital statistics
Name Butz
Gender Male
Allegiance Third Reich
Title/Rank Gefreiter
Nationality German
Fate Survived WWII
Portrayed by Sönke Möhring
“Who and what is a Private Butz?”
Adolf Hitler

Private Butz is the only survivor of The Basterds's assault on Sergeant Werner Rachtman's post in some woods from Territoire de Belfort, France.


Butz was born in Germany. He joined the Wehrmacht during WWII and was sent to France after the Third Reich invaded the country.



Butz was summoned to Hitler's office to give a description of his encounter with the Basterds in France. As with any other survivors of The Basterds' numerous assaults, he was left with a swastika scar on his forehead, carved by Aldo Raine with his knife.

Butz cries as he watches his sergeant being beaten to death by Donowitz and his other comrade being shot by Hirschberg in an attempt to escape. When Aldo asks him to point out the German positions on the map, he does not hesitate. When asked what he would do if he took his uniform off, Private Butz states that he intends to burn it to which Aldo says that he prefers Nazis in uniform so it'll be easier to identify them. Aldo then carves the swastika scar on his forehead afterwards.

Behind the scenes[]

He was played by Sönke Möhring.