Hitler rants at the generals

Hitler's office.

Burstich Garden was Hitler's private lair, set in Bavaria.


The building is a large construction, which consists of a at least a large room, a hall with stairs that lead to this chamber and an office for the dispatcher.



Hitler is seen in the large meeting hall, ranting at two generals about The Basterds actions in France. He then calls Kliest to issue an order about The Bear Jew and asks for private Butz to be brought to him.

Notable locationsEdit

Kliest's office/postEdit

Not seen, Hitler calls him asking him to relay an order.

The conference roomEdit

The room where Hitler ranted and where he interrogated private Butz. A painter was also there, painting his portrait.

The hallEdit

Private Butz is escorted through this place to meet Hitler.


  • In the script, Hitler's palace is identified as Burstich Garden, set in Bavaria.[1]. This is a pun on Berchtesgaden, the location of Hitler's private retreat known as Berghof.

Behind the scenesEdit

Hitler's office was shot in the Clay Headquarters Compound of the United States Army in Berlin, at the corner of Clayallee and Saargemuender Strasse in the Dahlem district.

Built for the German Air Force in the late 30's, the complex was taken over after the war to be used as headquarters of the US Military Government for Germany. When the US army finally vacated the compound, it stood empty, occasionally finding use as a film location (Bryan Singer’s Valkyrie, with Tom Cruise, filmed here). It was recently sold and its future is uncertain.[2]