Bob Dreyfus
The Dreyfus family hiding
Bob (center) with his family.
Vital statistics
Name Bob Dreyfus
Gender Male
Allegiance France
LaPadite family
Title/Rank None
Nationality French
Fate Executed by Landa's men
Portrayed by Salvadore Brandt
“...her [Miriam] brother, Bob.”
Perrier LaPadite

Bob Dreyfus was Miriam Dreyfus's brother and Shosanna's uncle.


Bob was born in France. He was 31 in 1941.


Chapter One - Once upon a time... in Nazi-occupied FranceEdit

Miriam is seen under the floor of Perrier LaPadite's house, holding his hand at his mouth, like the rest of his family. He and his sister's family, minus Shosanna, were killed by Landa's men, who shot them through the floor.

Behind the scenesEdit

He was played by Salvadore Brandt.