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Zooler with Shosanna in the second room.

The bistro (probably named Au Café Liliana) is a small restaurant in Paris, where Shosanna met for the second time with Frederick Zoller.

In Inglourious Basterds[]

The bistro consists of at least two halves, separated by a short wall. Shosanna was sitting in the other more private room, while German soldiers and officers were sitting in the other room, close to the entrance.


  • The cigarettes smoked by Shosanna in the bistro are the "Gitanes". The original package with the fan and the oranges was produced from 1927 until the mid-'40s.
  • The matches seen on the table where Shosanna sits, bear the inscription "Au Café Liliana", which could be the name of the actual location.
  • Through the window of the bistro, in the scene where Shosanna leaves, there are several fake film posters seen, starring Bridget von Hammersmark: "Der Schmerz Bitter Tränen" and "Immer Es gibt ein Morgen".
  • The book Shosanna is reading in the bistro is "The Saint in New York", a book featuring a protagonist with a fake identity, mirroring Shosanna's tale in the chapter. This novel is extremely grim and violent in the Saint series: the protagonist crime-fighter shows a cold and ruthless side as he executes a number of gangland killers in revenge for a murder - similar to Lt. Raine's operation. The same book is seen again in chapter 5, when she's lying on the floor blanket, talking about finding a guy who can develop a 35 mm print with a soundtrack.
    • The book cover aspect is somewhat reminiscent of the Pulp Fiction poster, though this is probably unintentional.

Behind the scenes[]

The scenes from the bistro were shot in the La Renaissance bistro, 112 Rue Championnet in Paris.

The exact same restaurant was used in another film set during World War II, The Blood of Others.