American colonel Bo Svenson

The man on the right.

“Death count: 47 [Aargh!] 48”
―American Colonel

The American Colonel was an unnamed character in the Stolz der Nation film, who served as the commander of the American command that attacked the Sicilian fortified city.


He was born in USA. He joined the US army and rose to the rank of colonel.


Stolz der NationEdit

He participated in the Allied invasion of Sicily and commanded an attack against a fortified city. His operation was a failure, as Frederick Zoller was able to kill 250 of his men, forcing him to leave the town.

Memorable quotesEdit

  • Sarge, that tower is one of the oldest and most treasured of all the historically important structures still standing in Italy. And I'm not gonna be the son of a bitch responsible for... turning 1000 years... of history into DUST! The tower STANDS!

Behind the scenesEdit

He was played by Bo Svenson.

Svenson played Lt. Robert Yeager in the original The Inglorious Basterds.