Aldo's map

Aldo points at his map.

“Now, take your Wiener-schnitzel-licking finger, and point out on this map what I want to know.”
Aldo Raine

Aldo's map was a map of Territoire de Belfort, France where the Basterds were active, that Aldo Raine carried. The American lieutenant used it to force Werner Rachtman, and later Butz, to reveal the location of another German patrol.


The map consists of a paper drawing of the region, in white and green, as well as a legend.

In Inglourious BasterdsEdit

Aldo unfolded his map in the woods and asked Werner to point on it the location of the other German patrol. When Werner refused, Donny beat him to death. Aldo then uses the map on Butz and the German soldier, frightened, reveals their location on the map, as well as the position of their weapons.


  • Although the region where the Basterds are located is not mentioned in the film, the map Aldo carries has "Belfort" written on it. Territoire de Belfort is a region in eastern France, near the border with Germany and Switzerland, while Belfort is its largest city and administrative centre. The Basterds presence there makes sense, as the Basterds just recently broke Stiglitz out of jail, which was in Germany, so they couldn't have been far away from the border.
  • While the map says "Belfort", the image on the map shows forested regions with roads, and since Belfort is a city, the map must actually be of its French department, Territoire de Belfort.
  • The map is sold on Yourprops.


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