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Adolf Hitler
Vital statistics
Name Adolf Hitler
Gender Male
Allegiance National Socialist German Workers' Party
Greater German Reich
Title/Rank Führer and Reich Chancellor of Germany
Nationality Austrian-born German
Fate Killed by Donny and Omar
Portrayed by Martin Wuttke
Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is one of the main supporting characters as well as a key antagonist in the film.


Adolf Hitler was born in Austria. He attempted an artistic career in 1913. However, because as he claimed, the Jews controlled the galleries and wouldn't buy his paintings and the Poles worked for "next to nothing", so he couldn't get a job. After receiving his inheritance from his sister, he left Austria, a "Babylon of races" and moved to Germany in August 1914. Shortly there after, World War I started.

He joined the German Army, serving in the 16th Bavarian Reserve Regiment on the Western Front. After surviving a tremendous artillery bombardment, Hitler's Jewish superior officer promoted him to Corporal. Hitler later received two Iron Crosses during the war. Shortly before being transferred to the Eastern Front, which Hitler protested, he was severely injured by mustard gas in 1918.

Before Hitler could recover and get back to the front, Germany had surrendered, ending the World War I. Hitler was enraged at the surrender. He took control of the German Workers' Party, renaming it the "National Socialist German Workers' Party". While calling themselves National Socialist, others called them Nazis "just to piss them off". He launched an attempted rebellion against the government in 1923. The "Beer Hall Putsch" was crushed and Hitler was convicted of high treason and sentenced to 5 years in prison. While in prison he wrote his infamous book "Mein Kampf" ("My Struggle"). He was released 9 months later from prison.

Entering into politics, he pressured President Paul von Hindenburg, a Grand Marshal during World War I into declaring him Chancellor in 1933. As Chancellor, he convinced the Reichstag to pass laws that gave him dictatorial powers. In 1934, Hindenburg died while in office. Hitler combined the offices of Chancellor and President into the "Führer and Reich Chancellor of Germany". At Hindenburg's funeral, Hitler declared that "the thousand year Reich has begun".



He is first seen in his lair, where he rants at two generals about The Basterds. He is especially annoyed by rumors of the one named "Bear Jew", whom he heard is a golem. He then calls Kliest, issuing an order that the Bear Jew must never be referred to as Bear Jew ever. He then questions Private Butz, who tells him about the recent encounter with The Basterds. After hearing the private's report, Hitler ordered him to say he simply escaped an attack and was not captured and spared by the Basterds. Hitler gasps in awe at the sight of the private's swastika scar done to him by lt. Aldo Raine.

Chapter Four - OPERATION KINO[]

Hitler is seen in a flashback, talking to Goebbels about the American invasion and Zoller's deeds. He decides to join the premiere of Goebbels' latest film, Nation's pride in Paris, even though the Allies are slowly heading deeper in France, in an attempt to inspire more loyalty and strength to his troops.


During the Stolz der Nation film premiere, Hitler arrives after the audiences have taken their seats. He is seen in one of the private opera boxes, with Goebbels, Francesca and Zoller. He is clearly entertained by Goebbels' film and laughs out loud at the action scenes, praising the Reichsminister's film, calling it "your finest film yet". After Shosanna's clip appears on the screen, Hitler reacts angrily shouting for the film to be stopped. As soon as the theatre is set on fire by Marcel, at the same time Omar and Donny burst in the lounge killing both Hitler and Goebbels. Hitler's face gets shot to oblivion by Donny, until the bombs brought by the two Basterds go off, killing finally everybody in the theater.


Adolf Hitler had a charismatic personality, he was capable of manipulating masses with his speeches and personality. In the film, he is shown to have a bad temper, ranting at every opportunity. This appears to affect his judgment, as he forgets about a meeting with the private Butz and most of his decisions appear to be rash, such as forbidding the German forces in France to mention the Bear Jew by his nickname and not taking any measures to capture or eliminate The Basterds. This is consistent with the RL image, where, near the end of the war he became increasingly agitated and prone to taking bad decisions.


  • The scene where Hitler shouts "Nein!" and bangs his hand on the table is a reference to the movie Watch Out, We're Mad (1974), where actor Donald Pleasence, who plays the doctor, shouts "Nein, nein, nein!" and bangs his fist on the table.[1]
  • In the script, Hitler's palace is identified as Burstich Garden, set in Bavaria. This is punning reference to Berchtesgaden, the location of Hitler's private retreat.
  • During the film Adolf Hitler is shown wearing his brown uniform with the red swastika armband. This is inaccurate because the film occurs during World War II and Adolf Hitler always wore his gray army uniform from the start of the war, September 1, 1939, till the day he committed suicide, April 30, 1945.
    • Hitler largely stopped wearing brown after 1939. When the war began he was generally seen in a field gray tunic in solidarity with the soldiers and he wasn't seen wearing capes.[2][3]
  • By the time Allies had landed in Normandy, Hitler's paranoia had reached to that extent that no officer was allowed to wear a sidearm in his presence. Thus Zoller would not have been able to wear the gun he shot Shosanna with.
  • Hitler's death cause in real life was suicide, but in the movie, he got killed instead, due to the fictional nature of the movie.

Behind the scenes[]

In popular media[]

This Hitler has also been parodied in a similar style as his Downfall counterpart (played by Bruno Ganz), appearing in the Hitler Parody universe, being a member of the Council of Hitlers. In the Hitler parody universe, this Hitler is seen in a YouTube video by to have been assassinated by his Downfall counterpart.

This Hitler is mostly known in popular media for his "Nein!" scene which was made into a 10 minute version, put into a Nyan cat parody and also used on various Hitler parody videos.