Ada Mimieux
Shosanna mentions Ada and Jean-Pierre Mimieux
Shosanna mentions her "aunt" Ada.
Vital statistics
Name Ada Mimieux
Gender Female
Allegiance France
Title/Rank None
Nationality French
Fate Deceased
Portrayed by Maggie Cheung
“Aunt Ada passed away from fever last spring.”
―Shosanna tells Landa about her "aunt"

Ada Mimieux is a cut character from Inglourious Basterds (2009). In the story, she was the former owner of the Le Gamaar Cinema and the fake aunt of Shosanna Dreyfus.


Ada Mimieux was born from a family of Chinese immigrants. She owned a cinema in Paris, called Le Gamaar Cinema, which she ran with the help of Marcel and later Shosanna, and was still open during the German occupation. She passed away from fever, in the spring of 1943.


Chapter Three - Chapter Three - GERMAN NIGHT IN PARISEdit

She already passed away by this time. Shosanna mentions her to Col. Landa in the Maurice restaurant. She tells him that she died of fever the previous spring, which was in 1943.


Ada constantly held a guarded, almost abrasive air. Upon finding Shosanna hiding in her theater, she threatened to turn her over to the Nazis unless she could immediately prove herself useful. Tough and no-nonsense, Ada could slap the cigarette out of your mouth with one hand and welcome you with the other. Despite this, Ada was a caring, giving woman. The daughter of Chinese immigrants, it was important for her to keep a low profile during the war and occupation lest she risked being denaturalized. In the spring of 1943, Ada passed away from fever, leaving behind the cinema and her surname to Shosanna.[1]


  • In the original script, she is described as being extremely irritated by Shosanna's reckless smoking habit, as it could accidentally set fire to the cinema.

Behind the scenesEdit

She was played by Maggie Cheung.

Isabelle Huppert was originally supposed to have played the character of Madame Ada Mimieux, but apparently her excessive "diva" behavior irritated Tarantino, who preferred to replace it with Maggie Cheung. Unfortunately, all the scenes with Madame Mimieux were eventually cut from the film.


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